How to make Money from Paid Surveys online in UK [List of the Best 5]

If you are looking for a way to increase your earnings at the end of the month and earn money onlinepaid surveys are a great answer and a completely easy and safe way to make money from home by engaging only a small portion of your time.

All you need is an internet connection and an email account to register with. You’ll also need your e-mail to receive the polls to fill out.

Here is our list of the 5 best paid survey sites (with money or coupon) with a description of the company, the type of payment, opinions and, above all, the links to connect and register immediately.

1. SurveyPronto: £3 immediately to register!

SurveyPronto is the novelty of 2019 in the world of paid surveys but it immediately managed to gain the trust of 3,000,000 users!


Thanks to the high payout of this new site, which is almost unbelievable: you can make up to $97 per day!

The payout is so high because its panelists have very detailed profiles, thus they are more appealing to companies that want to do market surveys.

Be prepared to answer at least 15 questions to become a SurveyPronto panelist, this is important to get you more surveys made just for you and then earn more money.

💰WARNING: You’ll really have to answer 15-20 questions to register, but it will be worth it!

  • Payout methods: Cash and free products demo.
  • Type of payment: PayPal.
  • Difficulty: Medium.

Join SurveyPronto and become a paid panelist!

2.Lifepoints: choose the rewards you prefer!

Lifepoints has shortly become one of the largest survey sites, paying 29 million of pounds last year as survey prizes.

It’s one of the easiest ways to supplement your salary: in fact, it is one of the few websites that also pay with cash through PayPal. To join Lifepoints and start earning, simply register for free here.

💰WARNING: Making money doing surveys can be addictive!

You can choose the rewards you prefer. The more LifePoints you earn by completing surveys, the more rewards you will get.

  • Payout methods: Cash, prizes, coupon.
  • Partner for Voucher: Amazon, Zalando, Ikea…
  • Type of payment: PayPal.
  • Difficulty: Easy.

Join Lifepoints and get started Now!

3. App Nielsen: you get paid only to use Internet!

Nielsen is a global research firm that offers the market standard for audience and consumer measurement.

He is a trusted leader in the measurement of media for more than 90 years and has now created the “Panel of Computers and Mobiles” which consists in knowing the behavior of users using the Internet.

In this way it knows the sites that we navigate, the downloads, games, purchases and the use we give to this, always respecting our privacy and confidentiality.

What makes this site unique is that you can download the application from both PC and mobile: you can earn twice as much if you have a laptop!

We asked Nielsen for you the link for the application both for PC and mobile: we’ll put them below!

You should know that this type of paid surveys, if you can call it like that, is having a particular success thanks to the extreme simplicity to earn points and take prizes with them!

Just think that Nielsen distributes more than £ 30,000 in prizes and coupons each month.

⚠️ WARNING: I forgot to tell you that computer users earn more than mobile ones!


Click Here to Join Nielsen from Mobile!  

4. Toluna Influencers: £5 to register

Toluna is one of the most known websites for paid surveys. It has a real community of more than 13 millions people that shares opinions and reviews of products.

This website offers the opportunity to accumulate points in different ways:

  1. At registration will be recognized a bonus of 7,500 points (basically is worth £5);
  2. Surveys are generally paid from 10,000 to 50,000 points.

Other ways to collect points are: answer to rapid tests, invite friends and family to register, participate in community discussions. 

Points can be converted into prizes or cash that will be credited directly to your account by bank transfer (for a minimum of £25).

💰WARNING: If you sign up to Toluna now, you’ll even get a £5 bonus!

  • Payout methods: Prizes, coupon, cash and tickets for the Toluna lottery (for a monthly draw of £5,000).
  • Partner for Voucher: Amazon, Ikea, Zalando …
  • Categories of prizes: technology, personal care, fashion, products for home, sports equipment, shows…
  • Difficulty: Easy.

Sign up for Toluna here and claim your bonus!

5.Opinion Outpost: 4 different types of rewards!

Opinion Outpost is a survey site where you can share your point of view on products and services you use everyday and get paid for this!

This site offers 4 different types of reward for each survey completed:

  1. Cash thought Paypal;
  2. Amazon Coupons, if you love shopping;
  3. iTunes Gift Cards, if you are a music lover;
  4. Points to buy in their WebShop, with some of the biggest names in online shopping!

Moreover, after each survey completed, youu will receive a chance to win their “Quarterly Cash Prize Draw”, a prize of £5,000 cash for one lucky winner!

  • Payout methods: Cash, prizes, coupon, tickets for their lottery (£5,000prize)
  • Partner for Voucher: Amazon, iTunes
  • Type of payment: PayPal.
  • Difficulty: Easy.

Join Opinion Outpost and choose your reward!

  • Mary Davies says:

    Lifepoints pays very well, but be aware that their surveys are only available for a short time so it’s worth checking your inbox regularly for notifications.

  • Annah Williams says:

    Hi Toluna is one of the best survey In the Uk . They never disqualify you, they pay you as you go along with the surveys.

  • Michael Bell says:

    Hi I like the site. I am a member of most of the panels listed except of Toluna! I’ll try this one too

  • Camilla M. says:

    I am member of all them! Good panels , do u have more??

  • Elaine Smith says:

    Thanks 🙂

  • Holly Mason says:

    My family was Nielsen panelist 7 years ago!!!

  • Bryan Lee says:

    Is it fast to download?

  • Cedric Stevens says:

    I’ll try all. I need to repair my car, do they pay fast?

    • admin says:

      Hi cedric! I’m sorry for your car! Pinecone pays as soon as u finish the survey, but join them fast because they have limited places.
      Toluna pays when you reach $25. Try also Nielsen, they pay you only to download the app!
      Let us know your experience Cedric!

  • Jasmyn F. says:

    Thanks for sharing

  • Corey G. says:

    I have to pay to download the app?